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New short-range wireless languages are the future of smart homes. Connected devices communicate with a hub that you control with your phone. Nowadays, you’ll find sensors in light bulbs, security cameras, deadbolts, and appliances. Even HVAC systems benefit from these high-tech advances. Smart technology saves money, reduces energy use and puts you in control.

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Smart Thermostats and Home Automation Hubs

Today’s smart thermostats adjust the temperature and turn off the lights when you’re away from home. That saves you money. By adding extra sensors, you can build a security system to protect your home from fire, flood, intruders and other perils. You may even get a homeowner’s insurance discount.

The bridge that talks to the sensors is the system’s brain. You can access the bridge remotely via your phone. Conveniently, many HVAC controls transform into hubs that support more than 100 remote devices.

Trane Home Automation Systems with Nexia Intelligence

As a factory-authorized dealer, we install Trane’s full range of award-winning smart thermostats for customers in Atlanta. These controls work with Nexia’s subscription-based service. Since they communicate using the open-architecture Z-Wave language, the system is reliable, secure and compatible with all kinds of smart devices and sensors. Trane’s communicating controls work with single-stage HVAC systems as well as variable-speed and multiple-stage HVAC units.

Residential HVAC Zoning for Optimal Comfort

Today’s wireless technology allows your contractor to install smart sensors throughout your home without the need for costly or invasive structural changes. This technology has taken HVAC zoning to the next level. In the past, it was common to have separate heating and cooling zones for your home’s first and second floors. Now, you can create a zone for each room.

Some systems rely on automated bypass dampers that direct climate-controlled air to actively used spaces and away from other areas. They effectively balance temperatures in rooms that are stuffy or chilly. Plus, smart zoning can cut your energy bills by 15 percent or more.

Home Automation and HVAC Services in Lake City, GA

Check out the latest advances in heating and cooling. We offer old-fashioned customer service and innovative products from Trane, the most trusted manufacturer in the industry. Call Corbin Comfort Systems in Lake City, GA to learn more. Our service areas include Lake City, Peachtree City, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, McDonough, and surrounding areas.

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