Having a ductless air conditioning system stop blowing cold air is one of the most frustrating situations you might encounter. When you’re experiencing a hot day, you want to make sure your system works as expected. Learn more about why your ductless system may stop blowing hot air in your Atlanta, GA home, and what our experienced technicians can do to help.

What Are Some Reasons for a Lack of Cool Air?

If your ductless AC fails to produce cold air, a technician will inspect the system to uncover the reason. Some of the most common reasons for a ductless air conditioner not blowing cold air include:

  • A hot compressor
  • Ice buildup on the condenser coil
  • Low refrigerant levels

A Malfunctioning Compressor

A common problem that many homeowners with air conditioning problems notice is that their fan runs, but there is no cold air. Other issues related to the compressor include:

  • Being hot to the touch
  • Making a loud humming noise when starting up
  • Not starting up consistently

Ice Buildup

Ice buildup could signal a problem with the fan. A non-functioning blower wheel could contribute to ice buildup. Another possible reason behind ice buildup is a control board or motor issue.

Inconsistent Starting

A unit might not start up reliably after it has had ice buildup. Sometimes, a hard start is necessary to get the unit to run. If there are any issues from difficulty starting due to ice buildup or a bad compressor, prompt care can help get everyone in your home feeling comfortable again.

Contact Corbin Comfort Systems for ductless AC repair services. Our professional HVAC technicians will inspect all the parts and take care of your system with the respect you deserve. Your comfort is our number one priority, and the services we provide reflect that.

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