Technology has made quite a few advances that have made our lives easier, and the programmable thermostat is one of them. If you’re looking for ways to make your Lake City, Georgia, home more comfortable, use these tips for setting up a programmable thermostat.

Raise the Temperature During the Day

The beauty of a programmable thermostat is that you don’t have to manually change the temperature when you want it to be cooler. Instead, set the thermostat to adjust automatically at key points of the day. For example, you’ll probably want it to be a few degrees hotter during the day while everyone is at work, as this will save you money. However, you can program the thermostat to turn the temperature down again just before you arrive home, providing a comfortable respite from the warm summer air.

Lower the Temperature at Night

Falling asleep when you’re sweating through your pajamas is no fun. Getting up to constantly lower the thermostat a few degrees is also no fun. Instead, set your programmable thermostat to automatically lower the temperature at night. You’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.

Utilize On and Auto Modes

There are times when you just want cold air to keep blowing no matter what. For those times, switch your programmable thermostat fan setting to "on." This ensures the fan keeps running even when the target temperature is reached. This is a great idea if you know you’ll have a lot of people in your home and want everyone to stay comfortable. However, if you’re looking to save money, keep the thermostat on "auto." This shuts off the fan whenever the target temperature is reached.

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