Most people don’t realize this, but the thermostat is the unspoken hero of your HVAC system. It doesn’t just control your Jonesboro, GA home’s temperature — it can also regulate the air’s relative humidity to an extent and even play a role in controlling the air quality. The right equipment will handle all of these operations and more without your daily input, and this little device can end up saving you hundreds of dollars per year with optimal settings.

Configure Once and Ignore

Modern devices do everything you need them to do automatically after you complete the initial setup. Simply type in the temperature that you would like your home to be when you wake up, leave for work, return home, and go to sleep. Setting the schedule is easier than remembering to change the settings several times every day.

Newer devices often have integrated setback settings, which begin adjusting the temperature in advance. If you would like your home to be 70 degrees when you return home at 4 p.m., a setback will start heating your home up earlier.

Trust Your Equipment

Here in Georgia, our cool winters give way to hot, muggy summers, and the weather can fluctuate by 20 or 30 degrees throughout a single day. The most effective way to save energy and money is to trust your HVAC system to handle these daily fluctuations.

If your home drops two or three degrees because of a cold snap, check the forecast. Consider putting on a sweater or snuggling beneath a blanket for an evening if the weather will be significantly warmer the following day. Overcompensating for cold weather today could require you to turn on the air conditioner tomorrow and vice versa, which can substantially increase your utility bills.

Your ideal settings ultimately depend on your personal preferences, but we recommend winter settings between 62 and 72 degrees and summer settings between 72 and 80 degrees. People sleep more soundly when it’s a few degrees cooler, and you can run your HVAC system less when you’re at work.

Are you thinking about getting a new thermostat? Give Corbin Comfort Systems a call to speak with one of our heating and cooling pros today! Our service areas include Lake City, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, McDonough, and surrounding areas.

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