The heating and cooling system in your Lake City, Georgia, home works hard to maintain a comfortable atmosphere throughout the changing seasons. However, poor efficiency can result in significant energy waste. One of the best ways to combat poor efficiency is to invest in duct sealing.

What Is Duct Sealing?

Ducts connect the HVAC system to the various rooms throughout the house. This network of tubes runs through the ceilings, floors, and walls, where it can carry air that has been heated or cooled. Most ducts are made of fiberglass or sheet metal. When your HVAC system was installed, the contractor created a design that allowed the ducts to move the air efficiently while providing even cooling and heating in every room.

Since ducts are made of pieces attached with nails or other fastening devices, they can contain gaps that allow air to leak out. As your heating or cooling system runs, the pressure can cause air to escape through these gaps, causing poor efficiency that will cost you more in monthly bills. When a professional HVAC technician performs a duct sealing service, he or she will close these gaps with insulation and other materials, eliminating the leaks that reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Lower Bills

When your system wastes less energy, you’ll see an immediate result on your monthly heating and cooling bills. You can also feel good about reducing your environmental impact since this action can help your home become eco-friendly.

Improved Comfort

Duct sealing can also improve the comfort throughout the home, since the heated and cooled air is delivered to the proper locations without seeping out through the gaps in the ducts. Many homeowners notice that in rooms that were previously hard to heat or cool, the temperature becomes more stable following a duct sealing service. The indoor air quality will likely improve as well.

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