Many people turn to air fresheners to refresh their Peachtree City, GA, homes without knowing the risks. Air fresheners can contribute to poor indoor air quality and in some cases compromise your household’s health. Fortunately, there are safer alternatives to keeping your home fresh without using air fresheners and sacrificing your indoor air quality (IAQ).

Understanding Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality measures the state of the air inside your home. Cooking, air fresheners, smoking, and irregular cleaning all contribute to poor IAQ. We keep windows and doors closed, so less fresh air enters our homes. Since indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air, it means we spend much of our day inhaling contaminated air. Poor IAQ can cause symptoms like headaches, respiratory problems, and asthma and allergy flare-ups.

Negative Effects of Air Fresheners

In a study by the Natural Resources Defense Council, 86 percent of plug-in air fresheners contained phthalates, which are harmful to the body. Airborne phthalates can also trigger asthma and allergy attacks. Some air fresheners also contain the toxic substance formaldehyde, which has been linked to certain cancers. Although using air fresheners in low quantities probably won’t cause too many issues, it still makes sense to seek alternatives or forego them entirely.

Safer Alternatives

If your family uses air fresheners frequently, consider switching to a natural essential oil spray to mask odors. Boiling lemon or orange peels or using vanilla extract are also safer alternatives. Fortunately, more companies today are providing chemical-free options for use in the home.

If you have concerns about your IAQ, your team at Corbin Comfort Systems offers expert IAQ services. We also provide air cleaners like UV lights, humidifiers, and air purifiers. Our IAQ products offer additional benefits like enhancing HVAC efficiency.

Professional IAQ Solutions

If you have questions about our IAQ services and the best way to improve your air quality, we are the people to call. Contact Corbin Comfort Systems at 404-461-9796 today to schedule an appointment.

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