In southern states like Georgia, more than 85 percent of homes are equipped with forced-air HVAC systems. Although families love the comfort that central HVAC units offer for their entire Peachtree City house, most never give air ducts a second thought.

A little knowledge about ductwork, however, goes a long way when it comes to your comfort, health, and household budget. Here are four facts you should know about the hidden maze of air ducts that winds through your home.

1. Ductwork Operates Under Pressure

The performance of your central HVAC unit depends on air moving through the ducts at high velocity. Components like the blower, coils, and filter must be properly maintained so that airflow stays within the optimal range. Seasonal tune-ups from Corbin Comfort Systems help keep ductwork operating at peak efficiency.

2. Air Ducts Can Leak

Over time, continual exposure to pressurized air begins to take a toll on the ducts. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 30 percent of the air is lost to leaks in a typical system. Holes, cracks, and loose connections waste conditioned air, and they provide access for outdoor allergens, pollutants and pests too. Duct sealing eliminates damaging leaks.

3. Ducts Impact Air Quality

The return ducts in your HVAC system carry more than air back to the blower. Airborne contaminants in your home’s living spaces are sucked into the ducts as well. Even without leaks to exacerbate the problem, ducts can accumulate a thick layer of dust, dirt, and grime. Duct cleaning helps prevent pollutants from circulating through your home.

4. Ductwork Solutions Save You Money

Poorly performing ducts hurt HVAC system efficiency. Problems like leaks, faulty components or a buildup of dust force your system to run longer to maintain comfortable temperatures. Optimizing your ductwork can lower your monthly energy bills and save you from the cost of untimely repairs and replacements.

Serving the Greater Atlanta region since 1988, Corbin Comfort Systems is your local authority on central air heating and cooling systems. To learn more about ductwork services that save money, enhance your health and improve your comfort, call us today!

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