Custom ductwork might seem like it’s expensive, but many of our commercial clients in Ellenwood, GA, find the investment to be well worth it. In addition to enhancing your HVAC system’s existing performance, custom ductwork can also help reduce your energy expenses and give a boost to your company’s bottom line. For a comprehensive list of everything custom ductwork can do for your business, read our guide.

1. Better HVAC Performance

As soon as you optimize your system’s ducts, you’ll notice more consistent temperatures and faster heating and cooling. Since we fabricate our custom ducts to provide tight connections and ample airflow throughout your building, you’ll also reduce your chance of leaks and energy loss. Custom ductwork is a potent tool in fitting into non-standard building shapes, sizes and configurations where standard ductwork doesn’t make sense.

2. Quick Installation

Although it may take you a little while to decide on which custom ducts you would like, the installation process tends to go quite quickly. If everything goes according to plan, then once we get your custom pieces fabricated, we can install your new ducts within 72 hours with minimal disturbance to your business.

3. Lower HVAC Expenses

As a business owner, you know that every dollar spent on HVAC maintenance is one dollar out of the profit column on your company’s income statement. Fortunately, installing the right ducts can shave money off your current HVAC expenses. Experts estimate that loosely fitting ductwork can cause an efficiency loss of 40%, so it can profit you to make sure your ducts are properly fitted and sealed.

Whether you’re looking for custom ductwork, regular maintenance, or installation service, our team of HVAC experts is on your side. To receive more information on our commercial HVAC solutions like custom ductwork, contact Corbin Comfort Systems today.

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