Summer is here in Lake City, Georgia, which means the temperatures are starting to soar. Before you crank your air conditioner to the max, make sure it’s ready to go by performing the following maintenance tasks.

Replace Your Air Filter

Replacing the air filters in your AC is one maintenance task you always need to follow through with if you want your system to last as long as possible. Ideally, filters require changing twice a year, so once before summer and once before winter is best. A clogged filter leads to reduced efficiency, putting more wear and tear on your system.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Even if you put a cover over your outdoor condenser unit, chances are it still had a rough winter. It’s common for these units to collect old leaves, dirt, and other grime while they sit dormant for a few months. Inspect your unit to make sure it’s free of debris. This might involve removing the panels so you can reach the inner fans and give them a wipe down.

Inspect the Coolant Lines

Coolant lines are a vital part of your AC system, as they connect the air handler to the condenser outside. Typically, these lines are wrapped in foam to prevent energy loss. Over time, this foam can tear or fall off, leading to exposed tubing. If you find a problem, you’ll need to have the foam tubing replaced to maximize your air conditioner’s capabilities.

Perform a Test

After thoroughly replacing, cleaning, and inspecting everything, give the unit a test before you start blasting it. Turn the thermostat to a reasonable temperature and see if cold air starts flowing from the registers. If it doesn’t, turn it off right away and seek help.

If this all sounds like too much to handle on your own, Corbin Comfort Systems is here to help. We offer full air conditioning maintenance and repair services, so we can get your AC ready for the summer weather in no time. Give us a call today at (770) 942-2873 to schedule your appointment.

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