A hot water boiler should operate quietly. However, various issues may arise and create some unusual noises within your boiler. Here are some common reasons your boiler is making weird noises in your Ellenwood, GA home.

1. Buildup of Minerals

Minerals build up in your system due to the precipitation of minerals when the boiler heats up. The minerals settle down in the tank, restricting the normal flow of water in the heat exchanger. The trapped water then overheats and boils rapidly, causing bubbles.

The bubbles then dissipate, and cooler water moves them upward to the top of the tanks. This movement makes loud, rumbling sounds. To quiet this noise, you can add descaling products in order to dissolve the buildup of these minerals.

2. The Air Inside the Boiler

When the air gets in your system, it causes a pressure difference in the heater tank, which may cause a banging and knocking sound in the pipes. Infiltration of air in the boiler system may occur through leaks in the connection, faulty valves and the tank’s expansion. You can temporarily stop the sound using bleed valves on your boiler and radiator. To avoid future occurrence, you should contact an HVAC contractor to find the source.

3. Malfunctioning Thermostat

A faulty thermostat allows water to boil and overheat, creating disturbing noises. In some instances, the thermostat may set the temperatures too high, and you need to lower the temperatures to solve the problem. You should consider having a professional check your system if there is a decrease in output.

4. Lower Water Pressure

A decrease in water pressure may cause your boiler to overheat, causing a rumbling noise. You should contact a professional to check whether incorrect flow rate settings, frozen pipes or faulty valves are causing the system’s pressure. You should schedule maintenance to prevent these issues.

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