Your Conley, Georgia, home should provide a fresh, welcoming environment where you’re free from the irritants that can plague you outside. Unfortunately, many homes contain harmful particulates that can affect your health. However, you can take steps to keep your house clean. These smart strategies will help you reduce indoor allergens for a clean, healthy home.

Cover Your Bedding

Pillows and mattresses provide a welcome home for dust mites and dander. If you’re not mindful of the problem, you could end up sleeping in an allergen-filled space. The easiest solution is to cover your mattress and pillows with an allergen-proof casing. This will keep existing allergens in where they can’t get to you and prevent any new ones from settling. You should also launder your bedding regularly in hot water, which will kill dust mites in the sheets or comforter.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system provides a crucial line of defense against indoor allergens, but it can’t do its job if it doesn’t get the proper care. Schedule a professional tune-up once a year. Have your AC system serviced in the spring as you prepare for summer, and schedule service for your heater in the fall.

In between professional maintenance visits, you should change your filter once every one to three months. Keep the area around any exterior units landscaped, and make sure air registers are unobstructed in the home so good air flow.

Address Your Windows

Your windows play a big role in your home’s indoor air quality. Make sure any cracks or gaps are properly sealed. Keep weather stripping beneath windows and doors and check it regularly for cracks or other signs of damage.

Launder window hangings regularly. It’s easy to overlook curtains, but these will collect a great deal of dust, pollen, dander, and other irritants. Keeping them clean will keep the air clean as well.

If you’re overdue for HVAC maintenance, your air likely isn’t as clean as it could be. Contact Corbin Comfort Systems at (770) 942-2873 to schedule your tune-up now.

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