Remodeling your Lake City, Georgia, home is an exciting experience that often results in a more functional and appealing space for your family to enjoy. Before you start the remodeling process, it’s important to follow a few key steps to protect your home’s vital systems. One of these systems is the HVAC system, which can be damaged by the materials produced during a renovation.

Control the Dust and Debris

If dust and construction debris get into the ductwork and heating and cooling system, you could end up with dirty indoor air and a clogged unit that requires professional service. Protect your system by controlling how much dust and debris are in the air when the system is running.

During the parts of the renovation when the most dust is produced, such as drywall work, framing, flooring installation or refinishing, and tile installation, keep your HVAC system off. Block off the vents and registers in the rooms where you’re working and isolate the construction area with plastic tarps. Your contractor should also follow proper dust control protocols to protect your home and those in it.

Replace the Filter

During the construction process, change your HVAC filter more frequently to account for any excess dirt and dust that may be moving into the unit. Even if your filter doesn’t look dirty, it may have small particles that restrict the airflow and impact your indoor air quality. After the renovation is done, replace the filter again. You can then resume your normal change schedule.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your home throughout the remodeling process can also help reduce how much dirt and debris are present. Make sure your contractor and any workers are cleaning up after themselves before leaving for the day. Vacuum and sweep the floors throughout the house to prevent dust from being tracked to other areas.

If you need to schedule service on your HVAC system or discuss additional ways to protect it during a renovation, contact our team at Corbin Comfort Systems. Call us at (770) 942-2873.

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