Now that the weather is cooling down in College Park, GA, it’s time to start preparing your heating system for the winter. These maintenance tips will ensure you’re ready for the cooler weather.

#1: Change Your Air Filter

The first and easiest thing you can do to prepare for the change of season is to change your air filter. Many people forget about this important component of their system, and it adds undue stress to all of the components.

When the air filters clog, it prevents your furnace from delivering warm air throughout your house. This will cause the entire system to work harder, leading to expensive furnace repairs.

#2: Adjust Your Thermostat

As the weather changes, you will want to adjust your thermostat to take into account the cooler weather. For the fall, consider reducing the hours you have your thermostat scheduled to run your air conditioning. Leave the work to the hottest parts of the day.

Also, consider increasing the temperature by two to four degrees. This will reduce the overall energy you expend while taking advantage of the shortening days.

#3: Schedule Fall Furnace Maintenance

Make sure you schedule your fall furnace maintenance visit before it’s time to start using your furnace. Fall maintenance ensures that your system will get you through the heating season and last for years to come. During this maintenance visit, your technician will inspect, clean, and calibrate your system to ensure there aren’t any issues. The dirt and dust on the heat transfer coils cause the burning smell when you first run it. If your technician discovers issues, they will repair them before they turn into bigger problems.

Corbin Comfort Systems has been serving the Lake City area since 1988. Contact Corbin Comfort Systems to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance and prepare your system for the winter.

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