The quality of your indoor air is important if you want to prevent severe allergies, asthma and sinus problems. If you appreciate healthy indoor air quality in Lake City, GA, there are some products that will enhance cooling while helping to cut down on pollutants coming in.

1. Filtration System

One way to keep the air quality in your home ideal is to have a filtration system built into your ductwork. A supply filter works with air coming from outside to sift out pollen and other pollutants, keeping them from entering your ducts. A return filter works on dust and allergens already in the ductwork to make sure they don’t get inside your home.

A HEPA filter offers even better filtration in your home than a standard filter, further eradicating the microscopic particles in the air. The efficiency of a HEPA filter makes it the preferred choice of hospitals and industries that rely on medical-grade sanitation.

2. Dehumidifiers

Whole-house dehumidifiers can contribute to good air quality in your home by removing excess moisture. During the summer months in Lake City, GA, a dehumidifier can work with your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable with just the right amount of moisture to keep biological growth at bay. Your dehumidifier will reduce mildew and dust mites in your home.

3. Energy-Recovery Ventilator

For people with overly sensitive makeups, an energy-recovery ventilator can take improving indoor air quality to the next level. It will evacuate the indoor chemical pollutants and odors of everyday household items to the outdoors while ushering in the fresh air. It will also help to keep the temperature evenly distributed throughout your home.

If you’re interested in finding out ways to improve the indoor air quality in your home, contact Corbin Comfort Systems today. We would be happy to discuss a variety of options with you.

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